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When it comes to suspension and brakes there is no substitute for good quality effective components. After years of use shockabsorbers become tired and soft, bushes worn and loose and brakes can become spongy and unresponsive.

With even a simple replacement of these items with OE or OE quality items you can bring the feel of a soft unresponsive car back to a sharp precise driving car again.

If however this isnt enough we can replace these items with upgraded versions.


We can fit uprated shockabsorbers (sports, adjustable etc) to make your car feel alive when cornering. Uprated polybushes can also add to this affect by limiting the amount of flex in your suspension components. If you want your car lowered there are a number of ways of acheiving this, some that we would not recommened or do (and which are highly illegal).

The first cheaper way is with a set of lowering springs. This can give your car a good stance and with the combination of uprated shockabsorbers a good feel. If however you want slightly more adjustability then we can heartily recommend adjustable platform "coilover" kits. There are a number of manufacturers making kits for most cars. We have experience with a few different brands, we can advise you on the differences between these, but the best source of information as to which ones will be best for your particular vehicle are the owners communities and clubs.

There are some vehicles however that no manufacturer makes a suitable kit. We can again help with this. Using a combination of adjustable platform adapters especially machined by us with springs of the correct rating and uprated shockabsorbers (where available) we can give your car the ability to adjust ride height with uprated suspension.


Again, as with suspension, there are a number of options available to you to improve braing efficiency. The first cheapest and simplist method is to upgrade your brake pads and discs with performance versions.

The next step along is a big brake conversion. Most manufacturers will use similar braking systems on the next larger model up. In some instances it is possible to upgrade to the larger version as a simple bolt on job. However some require spacers, redrilled discs, adpater brackets etc, larger wheels etc.

Then the final step is to fit a specific aftermarket manufactured kit. There are a number of kit available for most cars, especially performance cars. We can advise you on these. Most of these kits will require some modifications to the car, such as larger wheels etc.

For the older classic cars that are fitted with drum brakes we can offer a number of conversions. The first simplest conversion which will add more power to the braking effort is a remote servo (if not already fitted). Then the next step is a disc brake conversion on either the front brakes or all round. Again, some manufacturers fit disc brakes to later models which can be fitted to earlier models. On some vehicles this isnt possible and a disc brake conversion is only possible by using calipers and discs from a different manufacturer and conversion brackets etc. One thing to bear in mind is that with a disc brake conversion your master cylinder may need to be upgraded to a different diameter to cope with the extra travel required.

Suspension & Brakes: