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Station MotorSport Ltd.

Registered in England and Wales.

Registration Number: 7555826

Station Yard, Melton Road,

Market Harborough,

Leicestershire, LE16 7TQ

01858 545436

We have a compliment of machining and turning equipment to enable us to make parts for our engine conversion's and we can offer our services to help you machine parts you require.

We have a small lathe (up to 5" diameter items, 2' between centres) for machining smaller parts such as spacers and for threading etc. We have a larger lathe (upto 16" diameter items, 3' between centres) for machining medium sized items such as flywheels, brake discs etc. We also have a large lathe, that is capable of machining items upto 30" diameter (large gap bed) and centres of 6'. This lathe has been used for machining our custom bellhousings, propshafts etc. We also have a Bridgeport milling machine capable of most jobs, including cylinder head skims, custom mountings etc.

If however our equipment can not cater for your project or part we have a good relationship with a very reliable local machine shop who have full CNC lathe and CNC milling facilities and can manufacture even the most complex of items.

If you have a specific item you want machining and have drawings then we can work from these, if you do not have drawings but have a sample part we can create drawings from these. However, if you have neither drawings or a sample part we can still help as we have full in house 2D and 3D CAD design facilities and can create initial sample drawings from your sketches or specifications. Once these initial drawings have been approved we will then create full manufacturing drawings. Once the manufacturing drawings are signed off and approved we will begin the manufacturing process.

Machining & Turning: