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We have carried out a number of intercooler upgrades to various makes and models of car.


The most common conversion we have carried out is to the Volvo range of V70 and S60 T5's and R's.


The intercooler fitted as standard is not suitable for even the most modest of power gains and has a tendancy to rupture along the seams.


We have fitted a number of different customer supplied intercoolers, the most common make are the Toyosports Universal intercoolers. These are good quality and come in a variety of sizes and shapes and there is usually one to suit requirements.


When we fit uprated intercoolers we also uprate the pipework to the intercooler.


It is preferable to fit solid pipework with welded elbows with silicone couplers at either end. We prefer to fit them this way as the more silicone couplers you use the more lag will be present as it expands each coupler. The size of the pipework is also crucial to reduce lag, the larger the diameter pipework, the more volume of air the turbo has to compress.


We have also fabricated adapters to fit MAP sensors, water meth and IAT sensors into the intercooler pipework.

Intercooler Conversions: