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We can help you accomplish turbo and supercharger conversions on your vehicle.

For turbo conversions we will fabricate manifolds and downpipes to connect your turbo up, along with all required brackets, oil feed & return pipes, along with water cooling pipework (where suitable). We can advise you on compression ratios suitable for boost pressures / power outputs and where required supply and fit lower compression pistons / spacer plates etc to your engine. We can also fabricate an intercooler, brackets and pipework to keep the temperatures of the charged air cool to prevent detonation (or pinking).

With supercharger conversions we will fabricate adapters to suit your choosen supercharger and all the brackets and drivebelt pulleys, tensioners etc to enable a complete solution. Again with the turbocharger conversions we will advise on compression ratios, intercoolers etc.

It is strongly recommended that if you are considerably increasing the power output of your engine, that an engine rebuild is carried out to ensure it is in tip top condition, again something we can help with. It is also recommended that you consider suspension, braking and cooling upgrades to cope with the extra power you will be putting through the existing vehicles components.

Turbo & Supercharger Conversions: