Station MotorSport

Road Race Rally Restore

Station MotorSport Ltd.

Registered in England and Wales.

Registration Number: 7555826

Station Yard, Melton Road,

Market Harborough,

Leicestershire, LE16 7TQ

01858 545436

With a full compliment of modern fabrication equipment we can fabricate almost anything you desire.

Using the ARC, MIG and TIG welders we have at our disposal we can weld mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium products.

We also have a range of cutting equipment including a high power plasma cutter capable of cutting upto 20mm thickness which enables us to create virtually any item.

In the past we have fabricated strut braces, exhaust systems, intake pipework, bucket seat mounts, various brackets, amplifer racks, bellhousings, engine mountings etc, the list goes on.

We will also fabricate non motorsport/vehicle items, we have recently taken a commission to fabricate a batch of prototype scent boxes for a local dog training company with the aim of working towards a manufacturing batch.

Fabrication Work: