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We can supply a number of exhaust systems for your vehicle, whether this is a replacement for your classic car, a 'sports' upgrade to your modified car, or a track use only system.


We are a dealer for Remus and Jetex Exhausts, so can offer a wide range of systems for different makes and models. If however neither of these manufacturers supply an exhaust system we can fabricate a custom system for you.

We fabricate our systems using weld together parts to create the desired system. If using stainless steel all the parts are mandrel bent to ensure a smooth flowing exhaust system. We also use madrel bent parts for plain mild steel systems, this would then be painted with a high heat coating. We have also used aluminised parts, but some of these are not mandrel bent.

We can also modify your exhaust system to replace silencers, particulate filters etc.

If you are wanting a CAT/DPF removal pipe then we can fabricate these too, however it is a legal requirement under the Construction and Use regulations that if your vehicle left the manufacturer's factory with a CAT/DPF it must be fitted with a CAT/DPF. Some cars will pass emissions without a CAT if in good mechanical condition, but should technically fail the MOT, under new legislation all vehicles will fail an MOT if the DPF has been removed. We recommend that CAT/DPF removal pipes are only used for track days etc and that we fabricate them with flanges on the exhaust system, removal pipe and the CAT/DPF so that when the vehicle is used on the road, the CAT/DPF can be refitted.


We can also fabricate exhaust manifolds for your car, whether they are performance upgrades, turbo conversions, or just a replacement for an obsolete part.

We offer a choice of two materials, mild steel or stainless steel. If we fabricate your manifold from stainless steel then we will ensure that all materials (including the weld filler wire) is all a suitable grade of stainless steel to prevent corrosion. Our choice for stainless steel manifolds is usually 316L.
It is recommended for turbo manifolds that stainless steel be used. We would ensure that the wall thickness is suitable and that any loadings on the manifold created by mounting the turbo are fully support by brackets to prevent stress cracks.

It is also recommended that manifolds are fully heat wrapped to prevent damage to surrounding items in the engine bay, this is especially important with turbo manifolds, not only because of the higher heat generated by turbocharged engines, but also to keep the heat inside the manifold which will reduce lag and increase performance. We can do this for you before the manifold is posted for a small amount extra, saving you the hassle and the itching that these wraps can cause!

All manifolds will be fabricated to the correct port sizes with free flowing collectors, and where possible equal length primaries. We will advise on the correct sizes prior to manufacture. With more complex manifolds we design them in a 3D CAD software to create fully dimensioned drawings and a 3D model for you to agree to prior to beginning fabrication. This ensure a correct fit first time and that you get a manifold design you like.

Exhausts and Exhaust Manifolds: