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With regards to engine rebuilds we offer a number of stages to suit your budget.

Stage 1: Basic Engine Rebuild
If you are just after a simple engine rebuild, cylinder head refurbishment etc then we can help you. We rebuild all our engines with OE or OE equivilent parts to ensure that they are fully reliable.

You can specify what components you want replacing to suit your budget, but generally the basics are: crankshaft and conrod bearings, thrust bearings, piston rings, crankshaft seals, timing belts / chains, tensioners, idlers, guides, valve stem seals, camshaft seals etc.

Stage 2: Blueprinting
We can also on top of basic rebuild offer a blueprinting service where all parts required to bring you engine back to an as-factory condition are replaced, such as oil pumps, valve guides, cylinder head skim, rebores, crank grinds, etc, conrods and pistons are then individually balanced to ensure a vibration free engine.

Stage 3: Performance Modifications
On top of the rebuild and blueprinting we can offer you a performance modification service. This includes (but isnt limited to) raised compression for N/A engines, performance camshafts, big valve conversions, lightened flywheels, ported and polished cylinder head's, throttle body/bike carb/weber conversions, etc.

Along with other modifications we can offer such as induction kits, exhaust systems, uprated suspension and brakes we can turn any car from a humble commuter / rep car into a weekend track day warrior.

Engine Rebuilds & Upgrades: