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If you are thinking of an engine conversion, then perhaps we may be of assistance.

We have a number of years experience with converting vehicles to run different engines. Over 40 years ago our sister company Station Motors was purchasing american 4x4 and station wagons and converting them to run on european diesel engines. We have since completed a number of engine conversions, including an Iveco 2.8TD into our company Land Rover Defender and a Toyota Aygo 3cyl into a 1970's Hillman Imp.

We can supply you with just the basics to convert your vehicle such as bellhousings and engine mounts, or we can complete the conversion for you, bring you choosen vehicle and engine/gearbox to us and we will carry out all the work in order for you to have a turn key package (subject to a visual inspection prior to confirm the suitability of the engine/gearbox combination).

If an engine conversion is top on your list of ideas, but you are not sure what engine to use, then drop us an email and we can perhaps help you choose. We have a number of engine suppliers who can help us source an engine and gearbox combination for your idea.

Engine Conversions: